European Medieval Festival 2017 in Denmark

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The European Medieval Festival in Horsens, Denmark, this weekend was a melting pot of colors, food, crafts, music, people, religion, impressions, expressions, art and culture. The Danish online magazine went on a time travel and walked around among people who spent their weekend in Horsens living out their dreams of being monks, cooks, noblemen, knights, actors, dancers and jugglers. The Medieval Festival was held in the sign of The Reformation. In 2017 it is 500 years ago, Luther wrote his 95 famous theses, that helped begin the Reformation.
The Medieval Festival in Horsens was storytelling from a transition, which caused major upheavals throughout Europe. Some of those who had come to Horsens to be part of the scenery were Lilly and Alwin from Holland. Throughout the summer they travel around Europe and visit Middle Ages Festivals.

Alwin and Liddy from Holland to Medieval Festival in DenmarkAlwin: ”We like Medieval Festivals very much, so we visit them all over Europe. We have been to  festivals in Germany, Belgium and in Holland of course. Also in Italy and France and now for the first time in Denmark”.

-Do you spent the whole summer going to medieval festivals?.

Liddy: ”Actually we do. We went to Italy last month to a Medieval Festival there and in Germany we visit a festival almost every month. Especially, there is one Festival in Germany that is organising Festivals every weekend throughout Germany. And every weekend on a different spot”.

-What it is about the Middle Age, that is so important to you? Have you been there once?

Alwin: ”Of course, we have all been there”.

-Do you think you have lived there 500 years ago?

Alwin: ”No, I am just enjoying life as it is. I just like the atmosphere and going back in time there was no technology to interfere. It´s just good food, having fun, good music – I like the music as well”

Liddy: ”For me I think the feeling is a bit stronger. I really like the feeling how our forefarthers lived and how life has been for them”.

-Have you lived there once?

Liddy: ”Probably, I think so”.

-You are wearing the most beautiful costumes. Have you made it yourself?

Liddy: ”Yes, I make everything myself. The dress, the crown, the belt, his costume as well”.

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Tekst and photo: Alexandar Søndergaard, Rezonanz.
Art Direction Sinnet Tiwaz, Rezonanz


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